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At Portetta we have our very own Ski Room Service and Ski Shop which is operated by Sport 2000 Gilbert Sport: a top-quality ski and snowboard hire company with the best choice of equipment and rentals for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. Gillbert Sport will always have the latest skis and snowboards for the current season, with their main shop only a 5-minute walk from the hotel. You can buy your ski equipment directly from their shop and they will also take care of servicing skis and snowboards if required.

Hiring your skiis

Get slope ready in our large spacious ski room, with friendly staff on-hand to help you with your boots and skis. To make life easier, if you would like to pre-book your equipment before arrival, please fill out our form here. You can also contact our team at our ski shop directly by emailing if you would like a special type of skis, snowboards or any particular brands. 

During your stay with us, you can arrive at the shop in the morning to find your boots ready for you, having been stored on our boot warmers all night and your skis ready for you at the front of the ski shop. Head straight to the ski lift situated next to the hotel – perfect! And at the end of the day simply leave your skis outside the shop, hand your boots to the staff and do it all again tomorrow!

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Ski Passes

If you are looking to book ski passes for your trip, our team at reception can do this for you. Simply fill out our Ski Passes form here, send it back to, or and the passes will be ready on arrival.

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